twins by pauline zonneveld for blog

A successful portrait tells part of a subject’s story in one image. If all goes well it includes emotion, character and some humor. That is what I see in this collage. The girls displayed a special bond that seems to sprout from love, happiness, mirroring and security.

Flower crown

Inspired by the upcoming spring, I present to you Brooklyn whom I photographed recently. She immediately fell in love with the silk flower crown which complimented her lovely dress.  This portrait is treasured by her (grand)parents and I believe it will remain on their wall for ever Рor until Brooklyn moves away from home and insists on taking it with her. It is a unique documentation of her as a young girl and its emotional value can only increase over time.


ZIPPER by pauline zonneveld for blog

Zipper is a fantastic boxer. Here you see him with his care taker and trainer Brittany. Zipper is so much more than a fantastic pet. He is an important asset to the community where he brings joy in care centers and libraries where he listens to children reading stories to him. You go Zipper.